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Design humanitaire et design d'urgence : l'exemple de la Croix Rouge internationale

Date et heure
Fri 18 Nov 22 17 h 00

Oyugi Allela et Marie Kuter sont designers UX au sein de l'International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). Elles présenteront les enjeux qui se posent autour de la conception de services numériques en contexte humanitaire et extrême.


  • Oyugi Allela

    Senior User Experience Designer at ICRC

    Oyugi Allela is currently a Senior User Experience Designer at ICRC. She has a background in design with an interest in people centered methodologies, socio-development, and behavioral change theories. Her skill and expertise have allowed her to work on various subjects ranging from service/product design for change in Humanitarian, Education,Sustainable material design and the Health sector. In her current role at ICRC, she seeksto utilize user research and design to understand the behaviors and desires of ICRC stakeholders in a bid to
    improve product and service outcomes.
    Oyugi Allela holds a Masters in Product Design from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland

  • Marie Kuter

    UX Designer at ICRC in Geneva

    UX Designer at ICRC in Geneva, Marie has helped teams design and improve their products and services for the past 15 years. With a background in journalism and marketing, she has developed her skills and experience in agencies in France, Canada and Switzerland, before bulding her business as a freelance consultant for NGOs, startups and in the private sector. Marie is particularly involved in initiatives with a strong business analysis aspect and is passionate about workshop facilitation and team collaboration. Since 2021, Marie also teaches UX/UI at the HEIG-VD in Yverdon. She is happy to talk about AI, storytelling, education, co-conception and science fiction.

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